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The Course

Yes, you can implement SEO strategies right on your IG account to boost your visibility, reach more clients, and gain more exposure, I'll show you exactly how to do it.

Are you tired of feeling lost on Instagram?

Struggling to get your content noticed and your profile seen by the right audience? It's time to transform your Instagram by using my tried and tested SEO techniques!

Why Enroll in "SEO For Instagram"

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What Will You Learn?

6 modules packed full of SEO insights and 12 resources to give you confidence, and clarity you need to optimize your IG for SEO 

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Enjoy these FREE Resources

Search Intent Questionnaire

SEO Post Checklists

Ideal Client Questionnaire

Keyword, Hashtag, Competitor Tracking Sheet

How to Write Captions Using Copywriting Formulas (with examples!)


How to Research Hashtags With a Hashtag List

How to Craft the perfect BIO

80 IG Live Prompts and Ideas

20 Catchy Headline Hooks

80 Story Prompts and Ideas

100 Catchy CTA’s

Checklist for Alt Text, Location, Quality Content, and Highlights

Ready to Take Your Instagram Presence to the Next Level?

Learn the exact SEO strategies I used to grow my IG account, boost my visibility, and reach my ideal clients.


Hello there! I'm Kristin, a passionate digital marketer, copywriter, and SEO enthusiast with a deep love for all things related to improving Instagram visibility and engagement.

My goal in creating this course is to demystify the world of Instagram SEO and empower beginners like you to navigate the world of Instagram with CONFIDENCE!

I remember the days when I was just starting out on Instagram, and the abundance of information was beyond overwhelming. That's why I've crafted this course to provide you with clear, actionable insights that lay a strong foundation for your Instagram SEO journey.

I truly believe that the SEO techniques I've used on my IG account is how I've been able to grow my brand, gain more followers, and land more clients!



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Gain lifetime access to course materials and any new updates that are added along the way. Your success is my priority, and I'm committed to supporting your growth on Instagram, today and in the future!

  • What is "SEO For Instagram" and who is it for?
    "SEO For Instagram" is a comprehensive course designed for anyone looking to enhance their Instagram presence, whether you're a business owner, content creator, marketer, or influencer. It's perfect for beginners and intermediate Instagram users who want to master Instagram SEO.
  • What will I learn in this course?
    This course covers a wide range of topics, including SEO overview and its connection to Instagram, keyword research, profile optimization, creating SEO-driven Instagram posts, mastering hashtags, and leveraging alt text, location, highlights, stories, and IG LIVE for optimal visibility and engagement.
  • Is this course suitable for beginners with no prior SEO experience?
    Absolutely! Our course is designed with beginners in mind. We start with the basics and gradually build your knowledge, so you can confidently apply SEO techniques to your Instagram profile and posts, regardless of your prior experience.
  • How long does the course take to complete?
    The course is self-paced, allowing you to go at your own speed. On average, most participants complete the course in 1 week. However, you have lifetime access to the materials, so you can revisit and review at your convenience.
  • What resources do I receive with the course?
    When you enroll, you'll gain instant access to these resources: Search Intent Questionnaire Ideal Client Questionnaire Keyword, Hashtag, Competitor Tracking Sheet How to Craft the perfect BIO 20 Catchy Headline Hooks 100 Catchy CTA’s SEO Post Checklists Copywriting Formulas with Examples Hashtag List 80 IG Live Prompts and Ideas 80 Story Prompts and Ideas Checklist for Alt Text, Location, Quality Content, and Highlights These tools are designed to help you implement what you've learned effectively.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    No Refund Policy: Please note that course fees are non-refundable once you gain access to the course materials and resources.
  • How do I enroll in the course?
    To enroll, simply click on the "Enroll Now" button on our landing page and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. You'll gain instant access to the course materials.
  • 1. What exactly are White Label Services?
    White Label Services allow you to offer specialized services under your own brand name, even though the work is completed by another company. It's like having a silent partner who handles specific tasks on your behalf!


1. Instagram Beginners: This course is ideal for individuals who are new to Instagram or have limited experience using the platform. 

2. Business Owners: If you're a business owner looking to leverage Instagram as a marketing and engagement tool, this course will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to boost your online presence using SEO.

3. Content Creators: Whether you're a blogger, vlogger, or artist, if you create content on Instagram, this course will help you optimize your content for better visibility and engagement.

4. Marketers: Marketers looking to expand their skill set and master Instagram SEO will find this course invaluable. You'll learn how to implement SEO techniques specifically tailored for Instagram.

5. Influencers: If you're an influencer seeking to grow your follower base and increase your impact, this course will provide the knowledge and tools to help you achieve those goals.

6. Anyone Wanting to Boost Their Instagram Presence: If you simply want to take your Instagram game to the next level, whether for personal or professional reasons, this course is for you.


1. You're Not Willing to Put in Effort: Success on Instagram, like any other platform, requires effort and consistency. If you're not willing to put in the work, this course may not be a suitable fit for you.

2. You're Seeking Quick Fixes: While this course offers powerful strategies, it's important to understand that Instagram success doesn't happen overnight. If you're looking for a "get-rich-quick" solution, this course is not for you.

3. If You're Uninterested in Instagram: If you have no interest in using Instagram as a personal or professional tool, this course may not be relevant to your goals.

Ready to Take Your Instagram Presence to the Next Level?

Screenshot 2023-11-04 at 7.34.00 PM.png

Learn the exact SEO strategies I used to grow my IG account, boost my visibility, and reach my ideal clients.



The "SEO For Instagram" course is designed to provide education and guidance on optimizing your Instagram presence using SEO techniques. While we are committed to delivering valuable content and resources, it's important to note the following disclaimers:

  1. Individual Results: The success of your Instagram growth and engagement may vary based on numerous factors, including your level of effort, the quality of your content, your target audience, and the competitiveness of your niche. We cannot guarantee specific results or outcomes.

  2. Evolving Platform: Instagram's algorithms, features, and policies may change over time. The information provided in this course is accurate as of our knowledge cutoff date (January 2022) and may not account for all subsequent changes on the platform. It is essential to stay updated with Instagram's policies and best practices.

  3. No Endorsement: This course is not officially endorsed or affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform. Any reference to these platforms is for educational purposes only.

  4. Legal and Ethical Considerations: The course will provide guidance on ethical and best-practice SEO techniques for Instagram. However, participants are responsible for ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, terms of service, and community guidelines while using the platform.

  5. Investment and Time: The "SEO For Instagram" course may require an investment of your time and, potentially, financial resources for tools or software. The course fees cover access to educational materials and resources but do not include additional costs you may choose to incur.

  6. No Refund Policy: Please note that course fees are non-refundable once you gain access to the course materials and resources.

  7. Continuous Learning: Instagram is a dynamic platform, and the field of SEO is ever-evolving. To maintain a competitive edge and see ongoing results, it is recommended to stay updated and continue learning beyond this course.

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