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SEO Website copywriting package featuring laptop

 - SEO Website Copywriting in Boston, MA 

The Premium Package

A 2-in-1 SEO website copywriting bundle to turn your words into sales and increase your ranking on Google so you land more clients  and make money from your website!

You have less than 3 seconds to capture attention

Yep. That's it.


In other words, your copy matters.

It's not enough to have a pretty website. 

If you want your website to be your 24/7 sales machine - you need 2 things.


1. An SEO strategy that brings ideal clients to your website.

2. Words that connect, resonate, and convert.

If your website is missing a piece of the puzzle (SEO or Copywriting) you're leaving MONEY on the table.

Your Website Should

Bring you traffic.


Create a connection


Convert visitors into leads/sales.


If your website doesn't do these 3 things, we need to fix that!

Because, let me remind you. 


If your website doesn't bring you traffic, leads, or sales - you're throwing your money away.

Now, picture this.

Instead of collecting spam messages, your website collects:

  • Traffic from ideal clients.

  • Inquiries from leads ready to buy.

  • Sales from customers who found you organically.

How great would it feel to wake up to more traffic, leads, and sales without doing anything? 

SEO Website Copywriter in Boston Kristin Overly sits at a desk.

Admit it. It'd feel ah-mazing!

Ready to turn crickets
into clients?


Let me introduce you to the Premium SEO Website Copywriting Package

SEO Website Copywriting Deliverables

Comprehensive questionnaire to learn about your business, services, clients, and goals. We'll have clarity calls throughout our time working together to discuss all the details.

✓Detailed Questionnaire & Clarity Calls 

✓Brand Message Development, UVS, & Taglines

We'll develop a complete brand strategy for your business including mapping out your customer journey and creating powerful brand messaging, brand tagline, and a unique value statement.

✓ 3 Pages of Strategic Website Copy + FREE Contact Page

Clear, concise, website copywriting that sounds like you, speaks to your audience, and encourages conversions. Copy of your home page, about page, services page, and contact page.

✓ Wire-Framed Copy Delivery 

Get a visual blueprint of your pages and copy placement. You'll know exactly how your copy should be presented (I'm also happy to collab with your web designer!) 

✓ Search Engine Optimization + Implementation

Website optimization including keyword-rich copywriting, meta titles, meta descriptions, heading structure, alt tags, analytics setup, sitemap submission, & 30 days of email support.

Two Champagne Glasses

The Details

✓ The Process

Schedule a discovery call, approve the proposal, sign the contract, and pay your deposit!

You'll have access to your own private client portal to keep track of our meetings, forms, invoices, and more!

✓ The Plan

We'll have a minimum of 3 calls: throughout your project to get crystal clear on your messaging.

You'll receive strategic copy, SEO, and messaging that reflects your unique brand and speaks to your audience.

✓ The Price

The investment is $4,000 and includes 7 days of free revisions from copy delivery. 

Your not getting just words, Your getting strategic messaging that can be used in all your marketing materials!

Investment: $4,000 | Timeframe: 4 weeks-ish

Not sure if this bundle is right for you? Schedule a FREE discovery call using the button below and let's discuss your goals!

SEO Website Copywriting Client

“Kristin has been such a life saver! She's so easy to work, kind, and has a warm personality. She dedicates so much time in getting the copy just right for my shenanigan tone! Plus she's an SEO GURU! She helped my website rank on the FIRST page of Google! I would highly recommend Kristin for all your SEO website copywriting needs!”

- Amanda, eDesign Consultant

Kristin Overly Website Copywriter

Is Your Website Bringing in Traffic and Leads?

Hey business owner -- I see you! Building your empire, helping your tribe, and doing what you love – I'm raising a glass cheers-ing you, my friend!


But this whole copywriting and SEO scene can be a bit of a puzzle, right?


You have a website but it doesn't quite tell your story the way you want it to. Your goal is to transform those easygoing website visitors into excited leads, racing to hit that "BOOK NOW" button.


But trying to find the right words that grab attention, create connections, and drive conversions has you pulling your hair out. 


Sound familiar? If so, you're in the right place!


If you're ready to team up with a WORD-LOVING-SLIGTLY-OBESSED-WITH-COFFEE-COPYWRTER - I'm here to support you. 


Let's make your goals a reality and cook up some amazing SEO website copy that makes even the most hesitant reader swoon!


Click the button below to set up your FREE discovery.

Why choose me as your SEO Website Copywriter?

I Don't Deliver Just Words

I truly believe your website should MAKE you money, not COST you money. If you want your website to succeed you need both copywriting and SEO to make it shine.

SEO = to help your website show up on Google

Copywriting = to help you turn website visitors into loyal customers.

SEO Website Copywriter Client

Kristin is seriously the best. From the start, she has been professional and extremely knowledgable. She worked quickly and went above and beyond to ensure my website was in the best possible position to rank on Google

— Cali, Career Break Coach

Here's What You'll Receive
(one more time!)


✓ Onboarding Questionnaire: Our onboarding questionnaire is designed to understand your brand, values, and goals better. 

✓ Clarity Call and Message Development: Through a personalized clarity call, we'll dive deeper into your brand vision and ideal client. I'll collaborate with you to refine your core message, ensuring it resonates with your target audience. 

✓ Unique Value Statement Creation: I'll help you craft a unique value proposition that communicates your strengths, appeals to your audience, and sets the foundation for a compelling online presence.

✓ Brand Message Tagline: I'll help you craft a defined brand message tagline that you can use in all your marketing materials and platforms.

✓ Customer Journey Mapping & Outline: I'll meticulously map your customer's journey, identifying touch points and crafting a strategic outline. 

Website Copywriting for Home, About, Service, and Content: Transform your online presence with expertly crafted copy for key sections of your website. 


✓ Wireframe Delivery: Before diving into the final design, we present you with wireframes that illustrate the layout and structure of your website. This step allows for collaborative feedback, ensuring the visual representation aligns seamlessly with the crafted copy, delivering a harmonious and effective end result.

✓ 7 Days of Free Revisions: Enjoy peace of mind with seven days of complimentary revisions. I'll work closely with you to refine and polish the website copy, ensuring it not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 


Google Analytics Set-Up: Gain valuable insights into your website's performance with the seamless installation and configuration of Google Analytics.

Google Search Console Set-Up: Ensure search engine visibility and receive crucial data about your website's indexing with the establishment of Google Search Console. I will also submit a new sitemap for you so Google can index your updates.

SEO Audit: Identify optimization opportunities and address potential issues through a thorough examination of your website's SEO elements.

Competitor Research (up to 3): Stay ahead of the competition by analyzing key competitors, understanding their strategies, and leveraging insights for your own SEO efforts.

Keyword Research, Strategy, and Mapping: Develop a targeted keyword strategy tailored to your business, optimizing your content for relevant and high-performing search terms.

Website Optimization: Enhance your website's visibility and user experience by optimizing crucial on-page elements, including meta titles, descriptions, alt text, and heading structure.

✓ SEO Debrief Call Post-Project: Receive personalized insights and recommendations during a dedicated post-project call to discuss implemented SEO updates and strategies.

✓ 30 Days of Email Support: Enjoy peace of mind with 30 days of post-project email support, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed as you navigate the post-implementation phase.

Payment Plans

1 Payment of $4,000

2 Monthly Payments of $2,000


4 Monthly Payments of $1,000


Set up your free 30-minute discovery call! 

Are you ready to elevate 
website copy?

Kristin Overly SEO Website Copywriter
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